Online School:

What it’s about and why I did it


Kylie is right, no?

Let me start by saying I love online school! So far I have had no complaints about it. Sure this is my first year doing online school (and last) but I 100% recommend it to anyone who is contemplating it.

There are a few pros and cons for the subject though:


  • “You can stay up and sleep in for however long you want.”-Mimi Elise
  • You can learn WHEN & WHEREVER you want. Online school allows a student to learn when they want and where they want, no matter if it’s after midnight, on a beach, or in an entirely different time zone.
  • Theres no “school year”. A student who chooses to attend a virtual high school no longer has to stick to this type of learning schedule and can instead create a calendar that works for them and their families.
  • You can get so much more accomplished 8 hours vs those who actually go to school by not having any distractions.
  • Learn WHAT you want. A typical high school has extracurricular or even core classes that fill up really quickly if you aren’t fast enough to sign up for them. With online school it doesn’t matter how many people are in a certain class, so you can take any class you want to.
  • You can wear whatever you want! If you are like me, go to a school or even have a child who wears uniforms you will probably agree with me that they are the ABSOLUTE WORST. I seriously wear my PJ’s 60% of the time(;
  • This pro may only apply for BCVS: I still get to walk with my original class at Gulf Shores High School in May of 2017. Due to the small size of Baldwin County Virtual School it is not yet considered its own school, so according to where ever you live in Baldwin county that is the school you will walk with, and take yearbook pictures for. I hope that made since, let alone correct. (lol)
  • This pro may only apply for BCVS: BCVS otherwise known as Baldwin County Virtual School is located on the Fairhope Faulkner Campus. (local collage about an hour from me) Because of its location the collage has donated free classes to the virtual school students like me. Meaning I can take free dual enrollment art, theatre, etc. classes with real collage students and professors.


  • You will have to plan and attempt social interactions with your friends. Because you can’t just go to school and hang out with them.
  • It does get kind of hard to catch up but if you follow your rubric for the class and do what is on your weekly to do list there shouldn’t be a problem.
  • You may need to find a tutor. For example math is very hard to some students. To those students teacher interactions in the classroom is vital if they want to fully understand it. You may not understand a problem and it could be a few minutes, hours, or even days depending on what day of the week it is to finally get help from your teacher.( I don’t take math, so I don’t have that problem.)
  • Because BCVS is different than traditional online school there are some other things you may miss out on if you go to online school. Such as; prom, senior day, homecoming week, etc. If you are like me you probably won’t care if you miss those days because you were never really into them as much as the rest of the students.

Other than that I felt as if the pros were greater than the cons and thats why I made the decision. I started to do online school for several reasons.

  1. I do not enjoy wearing a uniform.
  2. I felt as if I wasted too much time.
  3. Lastly too much drama. I mean we’ve all seen mean girls haven’t we? (Okay its not that bad but still not worth it in my opinion.)
  4. I could finish school way before everyone else. As I said before it’s on MY TIME.

So if you were deciding whether or not if you wanted to do it or simply just wanted to know why I personally made this decision I hope this helped. Stay blessed.♡♡♡

                                                                                                                           xo Rae



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