The Nutcracker & OOTD

Tutus, french toast, and furry coats

December 10th, 2016- What a wonderful and perfect day.

About 2 months ago I came across an ad on Facebook advertising that the Mobile Ballet would be putting on the Nutcracker. I was so excited, & I immediately asked my sweet mama and a few other girlfriends if they wanted to join us.

I did ballet until I was about 12 years old. I loved it! (but I guess not enough, lol) Strange enough I had never seen a ballet before, except the snippets I would catch while anxiously waiting for my dance to start behind the curtains. So anyways when I saw this offer I couldn’t pass it up. We ended up getting 5th row orchestra seats so you can only imagine my giddiness.

Fast forward to the day of the dance… I woke up on that chilly Saturday morning with a grin on my face. Not only was I going to see the Nutcracker ballet but we were going to get brunch as well. (Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, you can have both sweet and savory at the same time with no hate from anyone.) Due to going to Fairhope all the time for school I became very educated with the restaurants there. So we decided we would all go out to eat Another Broken Egg before the ballet.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 4.43.36 PM.png

I ended up getting a seasonal holiday specialty. Which was the lemon poppyseed poundcake french toast with caramel drizzle. OHHH MY GOSH it was fabulous!

After we ate we took some pictures..I am not really sure why we took them after we ate several pounds of food, but whatever. (;

My sister took these pictures of my friend and I. Her name is Flannary. Her and her mom came with us to the ballet. My mom and her mom, Michelle, they have been friends ever since I was 5 years old. Same with us girls, Flannary is my sister Mimi’s age, and Abby, Flannary’s sister, is my age. My mom and Michelle met when they realized they both had the same red purse while they were being chaperones on a field trip for Abby and I.

We have all been friends ever since.(‘:

This outfit made me feel like a bad girl from the 90’

Outfit Information:

The ballet was so memorizing. It made we wish I never stopped doing ballet. It’s so graceful and elegant…

Also for those of you who do keep up with my posts and read them. I am very sorry for not posting in a while for I have been so busy with my schoolwork. But here I am back again. I hope you enjoyed this post.

xoxo Rae

P.S. I decided to just continue to go by Rae/Regan. The whole Elle name just hasn’t clicking and no one was catching on but its okay Elle is still short for my middle name Elizabeth.(:

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