Juicy baby

Channeling my inner 2008 Kim Kardashian.

Theres no lie that I dont follow trends when they start and even when they end.

Just last week I decided to go full out in My favorite juicy tracksuit I own. Yes I own 5 and yes I still wear them regularly sometimes even with heeled flip flops. (okay I’m kidding about that, but I do own a pair)

My dear sister and I took our sweet huskey Sebastian on a 3 mile bike ride/run. Yes he ran the whole time. & Yes he even pulled poor Mimi faster than she could peddle… Lol


Mimi and I decided to stop and take advantage of this glorious lighting after our bike ride and get a few pictures in.

Did I mention how my sister is signed with Elite NYC? I mean its nots like you couldnt figure it out but still… Shes a babe right?!?

Then theres me… Short and not nearly as svelte as her. But its okay I’m totally fine and happy with my booty and big giant hair… You know its funny. Even though we have the same last name people still can’t believe that we are even blood related… I must just take over my dad(still not 100% sure what he is mixed with).


I hope you were inspired to buy a juicy tracksuit and post bootylicious pictures of yourself. Hahaha!!

Outfit Information:


Xoxo Rae

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