Marshmallow World


Chartreuse aka the star of yesterdays show.✨💛

Heres a little thing about me. When I am making an outfit I like there to be one color that pops and then I try to match it with other things in that outfit. Chartreuse for example was my “pop of color”…shout out to my mom, because she was the one who taught me what a “pop of color” was, alongside the stacks of j.crew magazines I’ve hoarded in my room since I was 14.

December 18th, 2017 was a spontaneous picture day for me. My amazing friend Delaney took these pictures of me. She is a great photagrapher. (•:

Outfit details:


I really do hope you have had a blessed day so far! Thank you so much so taking the time to read my post and check out my blog. Be sure to subscribe, follow, comment  , and like my social media accounts!(: until next time. ciao!!!

xoxo Rae

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