Favorite Childhood Memory: ✝🎅🏻🍾 Christmas version❄️🎄👼🏽

Merry Christmas eve everyone🎅🏻…

In honor of my favorite holiday I have decided to share a very personal memory I have that has to do with this oh so magical time of the year. Here goes nothing…

When I was still obsessed with barbie dolls and wearing bows everyday of my life aka 7 years old my parents engraved a memory in my mind that I will forever cherish… I remember it ever so clearly. It was early in the Christmas season when I started to beg and beg my lovely yet frugal parents for Christmas lights for our front porch. I, being a kid, was sorta sad that we had never had any like the rest of my friends houses. Now my parents would always do anything and everything they could to make my brother, sister and I happy during Christmastime, and that they did.

It is now a week or two later around 10 pm ish. I am doing what any 7 year old is doing, I am sleeping in my bed. (this was that time in my life when I went to bed well before 2 a.m.) Well in comes my dad, he wakes me up, picks me up, and then carries me down the stairs. (At that point I’m not sure why I was woken up but when I was little I was obsessed with being carried around so you can assume I didn’t ask any questions.) He then makes his way out the front door and onto our dim lit driveway while holding his barely awake daughter tight in his arms. I remember my mom was standing there anxiously. I remember my dad motioning me to look at the porch. As soon as I did my mom flips this switch and my eyes lit up. When I looked up I saw our porch gleaming with twinkling Christmas lights. I remember they were big sparkling white snowflakes that sparkled up all night long and years to come.

You may be thinking now thats not much.

Yes but it is.

You see my parents were and still are the most selfless and thoughtful pair of people I know.

For them to surprise me with sparkling snowflake lights that lined our porch when they weren’t the wealthiest at the time. It made me smile even more, that they did that just to see me smile. Because of that happiness that filled my heart in that very moment I will never forget that magical memory for as long as I live. It will always stay forever in my mind and heart. Do you have a special christmas memory? I would love to hear it! Please comment below or message me on one of my many social media accounts located below!!!!(:

By the way let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas.
I hope you enjoyed this post! Ciao!! MERRY CHRISTMAS(eve)❤️

P.S. Here is a picture of me and my little dog from Christmas eve!(:

Xoxo Rae

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