She’s the marshmallow to my hot chocolate

🎅🏻Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve🎅🏻

Get it? Because she’s my best friend & there are little hot chocolates on my sheets.

Meet Isabel Riccio, she is my best friend and has been since like 4th grade. So almost 10 years ago we met because people said we had looked alike. I honestly don’t see it but she does look more like me that my actual sister does so whatever. hahaha

Isabel ended up switching schools and now goes to a private math and science school about an hour away. (she’s EXTREMELY smart) Well long story short we still manage to hang out every month or two and when we do we will have a photoshoot. Every season we try to take pictures and this Christmas season I managed to get us coordinating PJ sets so we can look cute and what not.

Isabel’s Outfit Information:
  • light purple henley: Pac Sun
  • white and navy snowflake flannel pants: Old Navy (the ones pictured are sold out)
  • navy snowman crew socks: J.Crew
My Outfit Information:

Did I mention we ordered Chinese food? I am now addicted to Spicy Mongolian beef..hahaha it is really good. After we ate we took even more pictures of each other then decided that we wanted some Ben and Jerry’s. (mind you it was 10 p.m.) I swear I don’t eat like this daily…only when Isabel comes to town hahaha I promise I’ll go to the gym later. It’s just this cold(ish) weather makes me want to cuddle up and eat. Its bad I know. lol

I hope you enjoyed meeting my best friend and catching at look at our Best friend Holiday Pictures. Thank you so much for reading my post! Ciao!!

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xoxo Rae

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