Scrumptious Cocoa Pecan Rum balls

Note to self: Don’t eat rum balls and drive!!!! (-;

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This is my Omi’s recipe (I am 1/2 german so I call my grandma Omi, btw Opa is grandpa).

These are so tasty and I made them the day before our Christmas Eve party and let me tell you they taste SO good. I don’t know if the Rum got “stronger” but I swear these taste better if you make them the day before and leave them in the fridge, covered. That’s why I decided to share this recipe with you today just in case you wanted to make them tomorrow or for something else in the future!

These only have a few ingredients and take 20 to 30 minutes at tops to whip up. (But maybe more if you’re rolling all the balls by yourself LOL.) They require no baking time. or skill…haha!!! They only require people to eat them.  I made a double batch and I ended up with around 45 or so 1 inch balls.

Please note: It is not mandatory to make them a whole day in advance you can very well make them 20 minutes before you want to serve them!

  • 1 cup crushed Nilla wafers (You may go the extra mile and put them in a food processor….buuuut putting them in a freezer ziplock and beating the heck out of them with the back of a spoon works just as well. I say that from experience.)
  • 1 cup powdered sugar (Keep more on standby just in case they come out too sticky!)
  •  1 1/2 cup ground pecans (This I couldn’t be lazy with…I actually had to get the food processor out but that’s OK it probably took like two seconds lol to ground the pecans.)
  •  2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (I used unsweetened but you can use sweetened if you like!)
  • 2-3 tablespoons of white Karo syrup (Please start with just two, if they are not sticky enough add an extra tablespoon.)
  • And last but not least….1/4 cup of sweet dark Rum (We used Myer’s Rum but what ever Rum you like please use that in replacement!)

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  1. Add all the ingredients into a medium/large mixing bowl, depending on how many batches you’re making.
  2. Grab a spatula and combine it! (I personally wanted to eat it but I knew after rolling them and sugar and keeping them in the fridge for a few hours it would be way tastier.)
  3. This is the fun bit!! Okay just kidding I had to wash my hands like three times while doing this. Roll these however big you want them like I said I did a little 1 inch balls… a.k.a. normal truffle size.
  4. Then get your self a small bowl. Put two heaping tablespoons of white sugar in that bowl. You may need to add more sugar later.
  5. After you’ve done that, drop a rolled & shaped Rum ball in there and cover all of its curves and edges in sugar baby!

Please note: You can also cover them in chocolate sprinkles or you can dip them in melted chocolate.

Funny story actually I was going to dip them in chocolate because I thought it was a good idea. Well I bought some tasty Gharrideli semi-sweet wafers… I had it heated up in the microwave (because I’m lazy) and I don’t know what went wrong but it didn’t melt correctly so to fix my chocolate disaster (and not waste anything) I just added maybe a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream and I mixed it together and I made Dark chocolate truffles Ha ha ha!!! Lastly I just rolled them and sugar! Then poof they were done, oh and I didn’t waste anything!! Score!! These may it too hard in the fridge so it’s okay to leave them out in room temp… But please cover them that goes for the Rum balls too!!!!

These came out surprisingly good. It wasn’t my intention to make chocolate truffles but I’m glad I did!!!

I hope that you will make these and if you do please tag me on one of my social media accounts I would love to see what your’s turned out like!!! Don’t forget to follow and like my social media accounts below!!!

Instagram: @ciaobellaelle
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Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas! 🎅🏻🍷🎄🎁👼🏽✨

xoxo Rae

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