My favorite movies

..time passers or whatever you want to call them

If you have ever hung out with me or know me just the slightest you can probably conclude that I am a movie  F A N A T I C !!! I love watching movies with some snacks, some nice comfy clothes and a big fluffy warm blanket.

I decided to write this post for several different reasons. For one reason I woke up around 11 just in time for a nice light lunch, so I made my self a nice fruit and cheese platter. (‘:

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 1.20.42 PM.png

(Food on the plate include: Boars head aged white cheddar, townhouse flatbread crackers, deli salami, cranberry crusted goat cheese, black berries, grapes, an orange, and lastly my favorite, strawberries.)

After I had a photoshoot for my cute little lunch. I decided that it was time to eat it. So I plopped down on the couch and found the STARZ channel. I mean it is Christmas break and whats a better thing to do than to sit at home all day and watch movies?!?!? lol .. The STARZ channel is known for having some of the best movies playing 24/7 (or at least in my opinion).

After watching Pirates of the Caribbean, then the new Cinderella, Spiderman 3 and now Monsters Inc. (I am still a child at heart okay?!?!) I got to thinking, “Okay what are my all time favorite movies?” Like if I could have a movie marathon what movies would I watch? So I came up with this magical list!!!!

  1. Clueless (This is my all time favorite movie in the world! And always have been, Alicia Silverstone was made for that part.)
  2. The Harry Potter series (Chamber of Secrets is my fave!!)
  3. The Sound of Music.. (This movie will make you want to put on a midi skirt, go to Austria and spin around on top of the hills! Every time my Omi visits we always watch it.)
  4. Sixteen candles (Because don’t we all want John Hughes to direct our life?
  5. Ferris Bueller’s day off
  6. While you were Sleeping
  7. Jumanji
  8. Karate kid… with Ralph Macchio… (The first of the trilogy is my favorite… He’s just so young and handsome … Haha too old for me now🙄 but he used to be a complete babe..I mean seriously.)
  9. Jurassic Park  (I am SO into dinosaurs.)
  10. The Proposal
  11. Roman Holiday (Audrey Hepburn is one of my Favorite actresses of all time.)
  12. Great Gatsby (Who isn’t in love with Leonardo Dicaprio when he plays a charming socialite?)screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-3-51-08-pm
  13. Bewitched...(This movie is so effortlessly charming and wicked funny)..Ha see what I did there?
  14. 13 going on 30.
  15. Miss Congeniality.. (this movie is badass, has great fashion and hilarious all in one)
  16. Back to the Future trilogy (but the 1st one is the best one, hands down)
  18. Pleasentville.. (This movie is so dorky but so cute at the same time..Reese Witherspoon was so young!)
  19. Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  20. He’s just not that into you…(you will learn so much..haha)
  21. 27 Dresses
  22. The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants.. (it sounds kinda cringe worthy but I swear its not…plus Blake Lively is in it, so do you want to watch it now?)
  23. Austin Powers trilogy. (just because ..hah)
  24. Monster in Law.. (If I could have any actress play me in a movie about my life I would so choose J.Lo)
  25. Hitch  (again you can learn so much.)
  26. The Outsiders… (when I first fell in love with Ralph Macho, look at how cute he was…(‘: tumblr_nr0pm5jdog1u6i6v3o2_250
  27. Billy Madison.. (Adam Sandler is great at what he does. lol)
  28. How to lose a guy in 10 days.. (Kate Hudson is so pretty, and so is Matthew Mcconaughey.)
  29. Maid in Manhattan
  30. The Prince and Me 
  32. Selena… (This biography about Selena is so perfect I love it.)
  33. The Holiday 
  34. Saving Private Ryan.. (My history teacher always made us watch this.)
  35. Notting hill.. (This movie makes me want to move to England so bad.)
  36. Legally Blonde ( I like them both but the first one is better)
  37. Fools rush in (such a cute movie hahaha it makes me want a burrito)
  38. Spiderman 3…(such a good movie ahhh)
  39. Blue Lagoon (I wish I looked like how Brooke Shields looks in this movie.)
  40. Mama Mia  (I know every song.)
  41. Pirates of the Caribbean… all of them are good
  42. Fools gold 
  43. Risky Business… TOM CRUISE is a total BABE is this oh my gosh
  44. When in Rome (I love rome..makes me want to go back…you know they say the second time you go back you will find love… Me: *buys plane ticket*)
  45. The Other Woman
  46. Catch me if you can (2 words Leonardo DiCaprio…)
  48. Sweet home Alabama  
  49. Cruel intentions
  50. Bridget Jones Diary.. (Don’t forget to watch the sequel it was recently in theaters and should be on DVD soon.)
  51. Princess Diaries.. (I like them both but the second one is better.)
  52. Can’t buy me love
  53. The devil wears Prada
  54. Sex and the City (I have seen every show. haha)
  55. Aquamarine
  56. Limitless
  58. Under the Tuscan Sun
  59. 10 things I hate about you (Hello Heath Ledger..need I say more? How many guys out there will serenade you like this?!?!?!)tumblr_mrptn3b4as1sp33igo1_250
  60.  The Departed …(because my baby Leonardo is in it.(‘: …)

Go by this list and watch a dozen of these if you have a weekend to pass or something! I will be honest with you… At first I had this post titled My top 10 favorite movies and some how I ended up with over 60… I couldn’t stop myself! Plus it is just way to hard to just chose 10. To be honest I kinda felt like I was cheating on the other movies that I liked or as if I was leaving them out. Pathetic I know but you try choosing just 10 movies..its harder than you may think.

I could’ve found 60 more but I don’t want to annoy you. haha I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you watch these movies if you haven’t already. leave me a comment and list your favorites I would love to watch them or chat about with you!(:

Thank you for reading this and I am thankful that you took the time and did! Please check out my social media accounts:

Instagram: @ciaobellaelle
Facebook: Ciao Bella Elle

xoxo Rae




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