New Years Eve; outfits, resolutions, and the “Last Supper”




Last night was one of the most joyful and fulfilled nights of my life! …besides the fact that I am officially vegan for the next few months of my life, my four course dinner really made me happy, knowing that I couldn’t eat like that for a while.(,:

Around 6:30 my best friend Isabel, who you may know, picked me up. Ted, her dad, Isabel and I all got in the car and drove over to the Wharf to watch the new Disney Princess movie: Moana. BTW that movie was soon cute and I strongly recommend it!

8:30. After we watched the movie we walked around and took some pictures of my sweet Isabel, to kill some time…

Mind you I just got this camera and still may not be the best. I am hoping I will get better!!!!

That is Ted, on the right with Isabel. All I can say is god bless Ted…He is the one that payed for our overpriced meal…(IT WAS ALOTTTTT) but well worth it in my eyes(;


Outfit info for my look:

name necklace: mynamenecklace

GIANT hoop earrings: Claire’s

Cropped grey sparkly sweater: Zara

Turquoise wrap dress: Free People

Over the knee socks: American Apparel

Sparkly grey chunky chelsea boot: Zara

Outfit info for Isabel’s look:

Tan rain coat:  Burberry

Pink dress: unknown ):

Mini camel Leather backpack: unknown ): But you could probably find a similar one at TJ Maxx!

Giant red keychain: Tradesy (This is where my friends and I get most of our high end items. If you haven’t heard of it please check it out!)


THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE PICTURE I TOOK ALL NIGHT!!!!!!! I THINK IT IS HILARIOUS…Its weird that I have never seen anyone try this before.

The Last Supper(,:

As you can see we were so happy to be eating!!!

We decided that we were going to eat at Villaggio on New Years Eve. So we made a reservation for 10 and finished just in time for the Fireworks. Literally we walked out at 11:55.

That night they were having a special 4 course meal dinner…we didn’t realize it when we made reservations but we couldn’t turn it down.

I got a picture of Ted with all of his courses…Hah doesn’t he look like the happiest guy ever? lol

I mean seriously wouldn’t you be happy if this was placed in front of you?

I got the filet, and I will admit to you, I cried a little when they put it in front of how could you not?!?!?!

They insisted that we have the complementary champagne but Ted said we were far too young (darn you Ted)… It’s okay though because our server gave us little Shirley Temples.. haha

My New Years Resolutions: 2017


Now I don’t mean to get all personal but I figured I would share my resolutions with you so you can see what I’ll be up to…Feel free to share yours with me and comment below!(:

1.) Let your nails grow out so you can paint them groovy colors.
2.) Go to the gym at least 4 times a week!
3.) finish online school by March! (2 months early)
4.) write in your journal every night! Even if its just a sentence!
5.) read the bible every night & take notes!!
6.) I would like to learn how to become great at sewing and crocheting!! So I can make stuff for friends & family!(•:
7.) Become vegan for as long as possible! ( I am doing Daniel fast for the first few weeks of January, then I will transition into being Vegan. NO I WON’T BE DOING THIS FOREVER…JUST A FEW MONTHS.. if you know me personally you know that I love cheese and bacon so I could never become one permanently.)
8.) kick sugar out of your life! You don’t need it! You will look and feel better! (don’t fret, because I will be having cheat days… 😉
9.) be a nicer person and think before you speak! This year you will change for the good, everyone will love the new you!
10.) get a new book every month and read it!
11.) Get your Instagram to hit 5,000 followers, and blog to hit 500! Make sure you post 1-4 times a week on your blog! (Also I want to send a thank you out to those of you who do indeed keep up with my posts!!!)
12.) be the best you you can be! Keep your skin clear, your room clean, love others, and be happy!!!!
13.) take some time to yourself! Go shopping alone, go to the beach, go to the coffee shop and do work, go watch a movie… Go on dates with yourself!!!
14.) meet new people! Don’t be afraid to hang out with them! Stop talking and saying you will and just do it! STOP BEING SO SHY!
17.) Take yoga classes at the gym!
18.) Treat yourself and buy that Chanel bag you want, at the flagship store in Paris, France when you go this Summer!!!!
19.) take care of coco and yourself! (;
20.) pray EVERY SINGLE night!!!! Health, wealth, and happiness

Cheers to 2017
You can do this Regan!!!

Thank you so so so so much for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to check out my social media accounts and follow me if you aren’t already! 

Instagram: Ciaobellaelle

Facebook: Ciao Bella Elle

Until next time, xoxo Rae





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