Pretty in Pink

I felt like a little prima ballerina the other day.

…. A sassy ballerina…

My muse was ballet practice wear but also Audrey Hepburn. I watched “How to Steal a million” the other day and it just sparked my love for her all over again. Audrey is always wearing Midi-skirts so I pulled out my pale pink tulle midi skirt in honor of her beauty and style.

Sebastian wanted to be in a few of the pictures haha!!!

Outfit Info:

giant stud earrings: similar ones can be found at Salt Coastal Outfitters

name necklace: name necklace

gold glitter purse: J.crew

pink keychain: tradesy

black long sleeve leotard: forever21

pale pink tulle midi skirt: Zara

lace up leopard ballet flats: Zara (AREN’T THOSE LIKE THE GROOVIEST SHOES EVER??????)

I realize this post is short but other than going to church, taking pictures and starting the Daniel fast my day didn’t really consist of me doing anything else. But today I went to Fairhope to visit my friend Isabel and we took some really cool pictures..haha before it started to pour rain on us..after we got soaked we decided to go to soul bowlz and catch up on schoolwork (UGHHHHH).

Btw I will post outfit information from today/Fairhope day as soon as I get the pictures. Until then Please enjoy this lovely stay at home and cuddle weather. (It is actually really terrible…I hope everyone got home safely!!!!)

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