My daily workout routine:

Okay by daily I mean what I do at the gym for a day… Because sadly I don’t go EVERY day.

2017 is finally here and you know what that means. The gym is going to be  p a c k e d. But hey when you have a bunch of people doing exercise with you it makes it easier…right? Well maybe not but…


For real though I have been going to the gym a lot lately. 5 times a week to be honest..

Overall I spend about an hour at the gym without any breaks. But sometimes if I’m mad or something I will stay for up to 3 hours. I know it doesn’t look like I do at the moment but I’m sure if I keep this up and stop leisurely eating unhealthy food I will be the first 5’6 Victorias Secret model by March… Okay I’m kidding, but a girl can dream right?

Why ?

The main reason why I decided that I wanted to be at my goal by March is because I am going to be taking my senior portraits. Then in May I will be graduating and I kinda sorta wanted to go to my graduation completely changed and feeling at my best. (Once I am at my goal weight I will post before and after pictures!)


I want to be 100% happy with myself. I want to be able to throw on anything and not have to change. I want all the pictures I take to look awesome because I will be fit. I’m not saying that if you are super curvy that you don’t look good. Heck Ashley Graham is one of the hottest models out there. lol. I am just saying that I am most confident with I am svelte. So how will I do it? let me tell you.

Workout routine:

Let me start by saying I have a membership at my gym and that membership includes the classes that my gym has like yoga, pilates, zumba, step, piyo…etc. So I will do 1-2 of those a day depending on how much time I have.

The classes are at different times each day so I kinda just go to whatever class works with my schedule on that particular day.

IF YOU LIVE IN THE ORANGE BEACH AREA YOU SHOULD GET A MEMBERSHIP AT THE OB REC! Here are the list of classes and times when they are in session.


Monday: I wake up at 7:30 get dressed, take coco out, and feed her then go to my Zumba class at 8 am-9 am. If I don’t wake up early enough for Zumba I will go to PiYo at 9 am and stay until 10 am. If I wake early enough for 8 am and I am not totally beat I will go to both of them!(: + 100 sit ups

Tuesday: I usually don’t wake up early enough to go to 7 am yoga so I just try to go to 8:30 am Zumba and stay until 9:30 am. There is also a Pilates class at 10:30 …I only do that if I am really free that day lol. +100 sit ups

Wednesday: Zumba at 8 am- 9 am …but if I don’t wake up early enough for that I just go to Piyo (mixture 0f yoga and pilates). +100 sit ups

Thursday: Zumba at 8:30 until 9:30 and/or step aerobics at 9:30- 10:30. +100 sit ups

Friday: If I wake up early I will go to Zumba at 8 am- 9 am and stay for pilates for another hour but if not I will just go to Pilates at 9 am. +100 sit ups

Saturday: They don’t have classes on the weekend but I make it a point to do a little yoga sesh in my room before I go to bed. +100 sit ups

Sunday: REST DAY. I don’t really do anything at all this day. When ever I am not doing a fast or whatever I usually treat Sunday at my cheat day. The day where I can have sugar and everything else they tell you not to eat when you are dieting.

I have only been going to these fitness classes for a short time but I really honestly enjoy them so much more than going to the gym to run. It is so much for fun, you can meet people and the time goes by WAY faster. The instructors are fabulous and really help you work at your own pace, plus it is really easy to pick up the moves in Zumba for they are fairly easy once you get the steps down. Although I will say after an hour of having your heart rate up and constant moving you really will get tired so make sure you bring some water, and maybe a face towel.

Keep in mind:
  • Notice how I take different classes each day. It is important to add variety in your workout routines. Variety is important in fitness because it allows for your body to be challenged on a consistent basis.
  • You don’t have to get a membership at your gym to do what I do everyday. At you need is internet and you can just look up these workouts on Youtube! Here are some that I have tried before I got my membership:

Zumba (This is the official Zumba youtube account, they are great videos with so much diversity. You can do a workout that works mainly on whatever you want to focus on. From your tummy, to your legs, to your arms, or even an all over workout.)

pilates (Pilates  are great for getting long lean muscles and tightening your core. I call them ballerina muscles. Is it just me or do they have the best bodies out of everyone?!?!)

Yoga (Yoga is honestly so relaxing and makes me feel so good about myself. haha plus some of the poses they do are insane and make me want to practice everyday so I can hold my body by my head!!! lol)

  • An hour may seem like a lot at first but it really goes by fast especially since you are surrounded by other people, plus its way more fun than just running on the elliptical !!! (Especially Zumba, it is my favorite!)
  • If you are trying to lose weight it is important that you create a healthy diet for yourself as well. I say just try to stay away from too much dairy, red meat, gluten and SUGAR!
  • Always eat after you workout make sure it is a protein packed meal or shake. Whey will help you build muscle better and get lean quicker. I will put one scoop of whey powder, a splash of milk, a few ice cubes and a banana. The taste is actually very good  in my opinion.

“Whey is perhaps the most effective dietary strategy to aid weight loss because it is the most thermogenic food source you can eat. This means it burns the most calories after you eat it.” Add whey protein to your meals and snacks, and your metabolism will stay high all day.”

  • Okay remember when I said stay away from sugar, too much dairy, excessive amount of gluten, and red meat? Welllllll unless you are super amazing and have a ton of will power I say just give your self a cheat day or a cheat meal once a week, what ever you prefer, but a little bit of pizza or ice cream won’t mess up what you have done that week. You deserve it!!!! Just don’t over indulge. Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the week like pizza for dinner and/or Ben & Jerry’s for dessert(:
  • Try to drink 8 glasses of water each day I cannot stress this enough!!!

As of right now I am still fasting and cannot have any sugar until after the 21st. When I am done I told myself that I would make my dad a nice dessert since he never got one for his birthday since we were doing the fast….So expect a scrumdiddlyumptious recipe on the blog in the next few weeks….


I hope you got a “whiff of inspiration” after you read this post. haha… I did, but I am still in bed so I will just have to act on that later. Until then I want to thank you for reading this post. Please do me a favor and like and follow my blog, so you can get updates when I post looks of the day or FOOD!;) Also please if you aren’t already, follow my Instagram and my Facebook for exclusive updates into my daily life!

P.S. If you have any questions you can comment here or email me through the “give me a shout” tab.(:

xoxo Rae

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