Jean on Jean

This has got to be one of my favorite trends there are. I also love mixing prints and ooh an all white look is just so glamorous 👀!!!

This post isnt going to be short and sweet haha like me(-;


Sooooo this was my look of the day. 

Outfit information:

  • My jean top is from American eagle from several years ago but you can find jean button downs from just about anywhere.
  • My dark wash artist crop jean pants are from Abercrobie and Fitch…(ik that brand seems like they are out of style but these jeans really are so wonderful, so comfortable and stretchy.
  • The Hermes belt can be bought pre-loved. One of the best places to buy pre-loved items would have to be Tradesy, which in my opinion is the BEST!
  • Louis Vuitton damier ebene speedy 30 can be bought at tradesy as well! I love that no matter how old this bag is let alone used it still looks brand new due to the dark brown leather. Oooh and the red interior is TDF (: One year for Christmas my mom got me a luggage tag with RAE hot stamped on it in gold and I really love it! It really makes the bag looks like it was always mine to begin with. 
  • Michael Kors tri color watch! I. LOVE. THIS. WATCH!!!! It goes with almost every outfit I wear! I highly recommend buying a tri-color watch!(: Did you know Fossil makes Michael Kors watches? 🤔They look exactly the same but are less expensive! 🙂 win win!
  • My beloved black leather Tieks.. My sweet father bought these for me when I turned 18. Oh my goodness gracious these are the best flats in the world! I have a camel pair as well and they are just too cute! They go so well with skinny pants! They make me feel like Audrey Hepburn💕 please get a pair if not several. I think my next pair may be pink, red or oooh, chocolate brown🤔.

Well thats that. I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired by my jean on jean look(: until next time, 


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