My international travel wish list:

Oh my goodness… I could go on and on about all the places I would love to go to one day. Buuuuut I think instead I’m just going to give you several places with reasons of why I would want to go there. Ha I have already been to a few of these places but I was young and I REALLY want to go again now that I am older and a little more “cooler”… HahaP.S. I have already checked a bunch of places off my list which include:

-Madrid & Barcelona, Spain(I ADORE SPAIN)

-Nice, Monte Carlo, France & Monaco

-Florence, Rome, Venice & Pisa,Italy (I’m going back to Rome and Venice in 4 1/2 months!✈️🔜🇮🇹)

-Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland

-Bocas Del Toro,& Panama City, Panama… It wasn’t on my list but I went there for spring break last year and I’ll admit it was pretty cool and I did see a few sloths when we biked to the beach!! Which was super cool and might as well of been on my list in the first place(:

-Amsterdam…. (I was only there for a flight but honestly I still like to say I have been because technically I have lol, Buuuut I do want to go again like soooo bad… The Anne Frank house is probably mad cool!!!)

These are my TOP 5!!!!!!(in no specific order!)

1.) Paris, France :

Okay stop I know I am “basic and unoriginal” but c’mon don’t act like you don’t want to go either.. I mean its Paris, the city is filled with so much love and grace… The buildings are all so effortlessly beautiful. Paris is the birthplace of Chanel (FLAGSHIP STORE IS THERE!!! ONE DAY SOON I WILL BE THERE!!!) This city has an absurd amount of pastries and beautiful lights and architecture. I have wanted to go to paris ever since my sweet mother told me all about her adventures when she was young… Plus all the movies I watch that are based in paris make me want to go even more… It has been on the top of my list forever… I will probably cry when i finally get there! Lol So…Is it just me or does eating a chocolate filled croissant on the steps of sac le crule with your bestfriend while bs-ing sound like the greatest day ever or what?!?! I mean try to give me another situation where I can literally be eating a stick of butter while still feeling like a effortlessly chic romantic babe!… Good luck with that… We all know paris is perfect and I, Regan Butler will be there soon and I will be sure to tell you ALL about it!(; (only 4 1/2 more months until I am there✈️🔜🇫🇷…mark my words. Because I am going to cry as soon as I land in Paris, France!)

2.) AFRICA! :

Nooo I dont know exactly where. I thought I would leave that up to the group or association I would go with… Sure it would be AMAZING to go on a nice safari trip but It has always been a dream of mine to go on a mission trip to africa. Strictly there for mission work you know? (Well not “strictly” but whatever, lol) I see these children who are so so so happy with the little they have and i just think wow I am so spoiled i must share what I have… I must realize how blessed I am.. But this trip would just be a notifier for how good I have it but it would be a trip where I become an even more grateful christian. i will help these families and children surrounded by poverty and sickness and i will supply them with love and help fill their hearts with jesus. I want to help gods people … And maybe see a few wild animals along the way(; Once I am married and have a house I think it would be wonderful to go to Africa with my husband as our first mission trip as a couple(:

3.) Austria! :

Again I am not very sure what city.. I want to go to but you cannot tell me that when you watch the sound of Music you dont want to join Maria and the Von Trapp’s by twirling and singing on top of the rolling hills over looking the little town below… The aesthetic that movie has is so pleasing And as soon as they invent time travel I demand to be sent to Austria with von Trapps so we can spin around on top of the hills with Julie Andrews. My omi (grandmother) grew up in Kempten, Germany which is on the border of Austria and her and my mom tell me so much about it all the time… One day I plan on going, and because of that I am excited already!

4.) Germany:

Once again I am not sure on what city I want to visit most because I’d want to go to ALL of them. I have always wanted to go there because my mom is full german which means I’m half and it just seems like it would be really cool to see “what I am” or “where my family came from” my mom always talks about all the castles her parents/ my omi and opa would drag her to when she was younger… I am not sure why she described it as a bad thing but going to Neuschwanstein castle during the winter time would be a dream come true. The ginormous christmas like trees covered in thick fluffy white snow surrounding the holiday markets that take over all the little towns ! Did you know it inspired the castle from sleeping beauty? Wow….Is it just me or are you in the mood for bratwursts all of a sudden?

5.) Greece!!!:

I cant decide between Santorini or Mykonos so why not both? Okay Greece is just one of those places that just makes me go like “wow how is this even real?!” The cobblestone streets lined bright white buildings topped eye catching blue roofs here and there, decorated by the cascading fuchsia bougainvilleas along every deck….ahhhh makes me want to just take a mediterranean cruise like asap ✨👀

***bonus!!! I have always wanted to go to London, England:

Scones, tea and british accents… Plus its chilly and rainy 60% of the time and thats one of my favorite types of weather(,: oh yeah do you realize how many Harry Potter spots there are here, I have been to universal but to go to where they actually filmed some parts of the movie??!! Ok so I am fan-girling but cmon you know Harry Potter is the best! (Ughhh good thing I only have 4 1/2 more months until I am there!!!)✈️🔜🇬🇧

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I really hope you will consider subscribing to my blog! Please feel free to comment, & let me know what you think of my list and if you have any places that you have been to that you think I should add to my list!(:

Xxo Rae

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