Get Salty at Salt !!!

Hello everyone!

My spring break just officially started today, although I kinda sorta have spring break everyday it is still cool that I can actually chose whether or not I actually want to do the work. ( I actually am going to though since I only have a few united left to cover and I want to be done with school as soon as possible so I can stop stressing about it so darn much!!!)

Okay enough about me and back to the topic… Salt!!!! So anyways as some of you may already know my parents own the boutique, Salt Coastal outfitters it is located in Orange Beach, Alabama. Wells they just recently bought another storefront in Gulf Shores, Alabama!!!! Isn’t that exciting??! The second shop was supposed to be in Foley, Alabama at OWA but my mom exclaimed that she just wasn’t ready to hire new employees and have to be there on a set schedule..hahah I don’t blame her. As of right now she opens the shop around 10ish and closes around 5 unless it is busier. Now that spring break is approaching us and Summer is sneaking up we will have to stay up much later, plus the fact that there will be two stores, why we will always be working!

I just wanted to post this to give my parents a shoutout. Plus I love them and I would love to see new faces in her shop. Here are some of the groovy things we carry at our cute little beach store! Btw the instagram is: @salt.getsalty.

Oh and I almost forgot! In Orange Beach where there are a ton of boutiques and shops Salt is very limited to having well known brands like them due to the fact that only one shop per area can carry a certain brand BUT since we are opening a new store in Gulf Shores we get first pick! I wish I could tell you now but if you follow my instagram(@ciaobellaelle) and Salt’s instagram(@salt.getsalty) you are sure to know first thing when we open and get the brands you desire! Btw We SHIP!!!!!

Ps I hope everyone has a fabulously terrific and safe spring break! Come see us at Salt! Please note, we are across the street from Waffle house and The surf Style with the splash pad!

xxo Regan

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