How to afford a CHANEL bag:

Or any other designer handbag for that matter!

Okay so first things first, I, Regan Butler am addicted to luxury bags. The smells, the feelings and just the thought that”Hey I own this bag!” high end bags give off just make me happier than a bird with a french fry. I mean it, I don’t get high end bags for social recognition, no, I get them because of the way they make me feel, the craftsmanship, and the details, that are truly impeccable! I get people questioning me all the time asking me, “How can you afford them?”, “When do you buy these?” & lastly “Why?”

So for those of you who know me, which most of you do, you probably know that I am obsessed with CHANEL! &  in July is when I will buy my first Chanel bag. So today’s post is all about how to save for your first CHANEL bag better yet any luxury handbag and how to do it without breaking the bank! I am going to say this once so listen up haters. If you are not the type of person who would never dare to spend thousands of dollars on a designer handbag then please stop reading, but if you are seriously considering a major purchase like this and need a few helpful suggestions, then keep reading please!(:

Remember its better to save for the “good stuff” than settle for the “cheap stuff.”

1.) Chose the style/brand you want in particular:

A CHANEL bag is an investment for sure. I remember back in 2010, when I first realized I had this dream of having a CHANEL bag, these bags were barely 3,000 US dollars. Fast forward to 2017 and these bags have doubled in price, so trust me the value isn’t going down! These are the types of bags you keep for a lifetime,  if you take care of them, & the ones you give to your daughter when she grows up. Whether you are 18 or 81 these bags will never fail to make you look classy and fabulous, and that is exactly what I intend on doing!

    In order to commit to saving money for that special bag you need to figure out which bag is right for you!

Are you a Chic and edgy girl?—-> If so go for the Boy Bag

Are you a classic girly girl like me?—–> If so go for the Double flap classic bag

How about a girl who wants something a little larger?—-> Go for the Shopper tote

Do you enjoy being hands free and casual?—-> Check out the Backpack

There are TONS of others to chose from so feel free to click on the site witch is linked above and check out the selection of all the other bags they have new this season!

Of course these babies come in a VARIETY of different colors and sizes but the black is just so iconic to me. You also need to decide; Do you want caviar or lambskin leather? Gunmetal, silver, or gold hardware? reissue or classic, and of course the overall color (black is a no-brainer, but maybe you’ve always dreamed of one in colourful tweed). Go to a nearby boutique and ask to see a few bags. Try them on, take look inside, see how versatile each bag is and whether it’s comfortable to carry. Don’t be shy, it’s better to be 100% certain that the bag you’re buying is the one for you, especially when it’s your first.I feel like with that price tag it only makes since to buy something that actually goes with more than two outfits.. but I don’t know what is in your closet, so you do you! Check out the website! I found most of the ones pictured above under the “iconic” tab. I am getting the Chanel classic double flap in black caviar with gold hardware… I still dont know what size I want though🤔

2.) Save up your money!

If you’re not one of the lucky few who can afford to buy a bag right away, Like Kim Kardashian then saving up is the key. Since I am a child with no bills I just try not to spend any money but if you do have bills go to your bank and open a savings account with automated weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly contributions. Little by little, your savings will add up, and perhaps with the help of your yearly bonus, and birthday money some day soon you’ll be able to march into the CHANEL boutique and finally buy the bag of your dreams. It has been my dream since forever so don’t worry you are not alone!

It should go without saying that if you’re saving up for a big purchase, then another way to save your money is to reduce the number of times you go eat out and go to your local cafe for coffee. Also by bringing lunch to work you’ll be able to save faster. I am graduating this year and will be asking people to send me money instead of a gift so I can put it towards my bag! Also CHANEL gift cards are available in many denominations! So if you’re comfortable telling your parents, your love, or your friends that you are currently saving up for a bag and would appreciate a gift card from CHANEL instead of something else, I am sure they won’t judge. This is especially handy for those of us who are really tough to buy for, so really, it’s a win-win for everyone. What I am doing is setting up a loan if I dont have the conplete amount… But I plan on just asking for money as my gift from friends and family when I graduate 😋

3.) Stop wasting $$ on silly trendy things!

I know I know I am a crazy shopaholic as well(; and trying not to blow my money on trendy summer tops can be really hard. I just have to reassure myself that I am saving up for CHANEL you’ll have to too! Think twice before you try to buy something on sale because just because it is on sale doesn’t mean you need it! My rule of thumb is to only buy things I need or ABSOLUTELY love! If it’s neither, and I only picked it up because it was “cute and on on the sale rack”, then I put it down and walk away (don’t turn back). Impulse shopping may not seem like a big deal, but if you gather all of the no-name bags and things that still have the tag on them in your closet and calculate how much money you’d spent on those, the number may surprise you. So shop smart, and that CHANEL bag will be yours in no time.

4.) Go to Europe!

Even though CHANEL has cheaper prices worldwide, from what I have read, it may still be more affordable to buy your bag in Paris (20% off the bag if bought in France) than in the USA thanks to the VAT refund and currency exchange! But while you will likely save a good chunk if you buy your bag in Paris, of course, you’ll have to consider the price of the trip as well. If you were already planning a trip to France, then it’s a no-brainer, but if not, then you can also ask a trusted friend to pick up a bag for you if Paris/anywhere else in Europe is on their travel itinerary. Another perk of buying a CHANEL bag in Paris (other than the feeling of buying a CHANEL bag in Paris) is that Parisian stores (especially Rue Cambon) are almost guaranteed to have a much better selection than your local boutique. Obviously, this is not an option for everyone, but as someone who has all her money saved just to buy one at the flag ship store in Paris, France I had to mention it!

5.) Buy Pre-loved!

When all else fails buy pre-loved! I know saving can be a hassle but on websites  Tradesy you can find CHANEL bags for half the price, of course they are pre-loved but just imagine it as vintage! I myself have only bought one other bag brand new (about to be 2!!!!) and the rest are ALL pre-loved! It just seems like the best option for a girl like me who really doesn’t have ~that~ much money. I am just really good at saving money I guess.


I hope these helped you reevaluate your “Purse plan”. I also hope that you save up a bunch of money and buy that dream bag that you’ve have been wanting! Remember to spoil yourself and have fun! I get so excited every single time I think about going to 31 Rue Cambon to buy my first seriously brings tears to my eyes..So wish my luck and I wish all my luck and love to you as well.

Until next time xoxo Rae

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