Our fave beauty products this season:

Makeup may be something you love to talk about or not, either way its kinda nice to know the best of the best. Not only so you will know what you are buying but have great reccomendations for the products we LOVE! Especially from makeup snobs like my sister and I!

Today we are going to share with you our top 5 makeup products for this season! Please note that Mimi and I are complete opposites, she has a way edgier and complex style and I am more classy jcrew -esc haha. Plus shes blue eyes with blonde hair and I, 2X brown. Also We both have light pale -ish skin. These are the items that work best on us, thus “our faves”. Please enjoy!

Up first, Mademoiselle Mimi Elise:

By looking at this gals selection you can conclude that her choices could be described as Etheral Goddess.. She likes the natural look but with a haunting twist… Dark vampy lips are her fave.

  1. tarte aqualillies pallette: I got this palette decades ago, but it is a staple, the highlight shades in this are absolute gold, not to mention they’re all waterproof so you stay looking ethereal all day long 
  2. MilAni eyebrow eyeshadow duo: I’m not about the whole instagram brow so this is perfect for achieving a natural look being able to lightly draw hairs where you need them, the eyeliner is extremely good as well. 
  3. Kat von d immortal lash: I cannot rave about this mascara more it perfectly separates your lashes while elongating them, plus the name attracts overall 
  4. The balm liquid lipstick: This is my go to lip colour in general but it being a stay all day matte lip makes it all the better. They have multiple colours so pick your poison.
  5. Any bronze eyeshadow (Maybelline) : I love minimalistic makeup with adding a healthy amount of sparkling gold on my lower lash line and even lining my right line with gold Sephora eyeliner as well!

& last but not least, moi:

My 6 favorite products can be described as a sweet luxurious princess beacause 3 out of 6 of the items are either pink, sparkley, or both. (In no particular order.)

  1. My YSL lipstick in frivolous pink . This color has just a tiny tint of purple, so subtle enough that its no crazy but its still noticable! I’ll love this color forever!!! Its just so so spring-y
  2. My L’Oreal voluminous brown mascera. I like the way brown looks on my lower lashes, especially when I break out the fake lashes, it just seems to give it more of a natural effect!
  3. My dior Rosy Glow healthy glow awakening blush…” J’adore Dior”✨ this is the best blush I have ever owned… It lasts forever and is so nice and effortless. You only need 1 little swipe!
  4. My Maybelline eyebrow pencil in Blonde. I know my hair is brown but trust me on this one. I have grown to like my eyebrows thick and combed out, dark & arched was my thing but Idk this look looks more understated yet indescribably chic!
  5. My kat von D liquid liner in black, because hello, how else are you going to give yourself a haunting cat eye? Plus the precision on this product is phenomenal!!!
  6. *BONUS* My CHANEL eyeshadow in Émerveillé. Not only is this an eyeshadow but I also like it on my cupids bow, my inner corners of my eye, plus the tip & bridge of my nose! It is a stnning color, I reccomend it if it is still available!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading our reviews on our fave makeup products for this season,  better yet all the time!

until next time, xxo Rae

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P.S. Once I get to Paris, France I plan on doing a haul of what I got at the  pharmacy (aka beauty products) so stay tuned in July!!!✨

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