My Gucci dionysus bag review:

Awh my baby. Shes so delicate and pretty.

  This bag spices up any outfit. Tiny but mighty. (Fr though there are dragons on it.. Hahaha)

Here you can see the tiger head spur. It has a pin closure with a side release much like all of the dionysus bags. 

The details are impeccable…. The inter sizable chain makes me wonder if this is how a CHANEL bag chain works. (JUST UNDER 100 DAYS UNTIL I AM THERE IN PARIS BUYING MY FIST CHANEL.)

So just last year, for my 18th birthday, my parents suprised me with this babe. It was possibly the best gift I could have ever gotten… All though getting a barbie jeep when I was 5 was pretty legit and super mad cool of them.(•;

As I was saying. This bag can be evening or day, shoulder or cross body, and can serve as chic & classy look or a hella edgy look. The sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with 15.5″ drop or can be worn as a top handle with 9″ drop

This bag is quite small but holds all of my essentials if I am going on a short earrand or something; lip gloss, phone, keys, and wallet. 

These are the size measurements: Mini size: 7.5″W x 6″H x 2″D

Oh and here Is my little matching key cles. I love this little guy… Hes so cute, I love it when everything matches(,:

I bought this like 3 years ago when I got my lisence. I gifted myself for turning 16! This was also one of my first new purchases!   

(I am one of those people who keeps ALL OF THE GIFT WRAPPING LOL)

You can tell its getting old. They fraying ends on the leather but other than that no scratches whatsoever!(-: 

Here are some bonus shots of my wearing the bag, so you can get an idea how big it is!(-:

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