What are the rules of fashion?

There are no rules. 

I am tired of people judging and looking at me weird when I wear bold prints, stripes with leopard…or heaven forbid white after Labor Day👀.  Frankly I find it annoying that people think that mixing prints is a fashion don’t… “Wheres the flood?” Like no these are artist crop jeans go away. Or “Youre going to wear that to church?” Yes, I am going to wear my snakeskin dress to church! This one applies to alot of us… “Why do you wear so much black?” (Like I have no answer.)

These are my favorite ways to express myself, whether it be through my clothes, makeup, bags, or even hair!!!

Now I wouldn’t describe myself as the inconic and funkadelic Betsy Johnson… But in means of letting loose I do like a ton of color as opposed to a muted wardrobe. 


  • Do mix your prints. I like to mix 2-3 at a time and add loads of chunky colorful jewelry.
  • Do wear monochrome outfits. An all white outfit let alone an all PINK outfit just makes me smile…(oooh or all black!)
  • I just adore messy beach hair…style tip: spritz sea salt spray in your locks for a quicker look.
  • Do wear jean on jean, mismatched jeans are even better!
  • Who says dressing up has to include a dress? I love wearing my tulle skirts with a t-shirt, some flats, and a chunky necklace!
  • Do wear GIANT hoops…this guy I once knew said “the bigger the hoop the bigger the ___”(you can decide what goes there🙈)… Yeah I don’t like him either. I own silver hoops the size of a baseball and I LOVE THEM!
  • Do wear leggings as pants…do I really have to explain why?!?
  • Do wear white with khaki… I know if you went to a school that has a uniform like I did you might hate it. Buuuut its so iconic, dont throw them away!!
  • Don’t look like you are trying too hard!!! Try to look effortless!!!

Those are just some of my “rules” I like to live by!!! What are some things you like to do by livening up your outfits? 

Xxo Rae

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