Easter 2017

Happy Easter everyone… The king has risen! 

What a wonderful day this has been!

My family and I went to church(all 6 of us)!!! Afterwards we went to DRUMROLL PLEASE ….Shipps Harbor Grille!!! Possibly the best restaurant in Orange beach…well I havent been to a ton but so far..it is indeed my favorite!

But then I also took some pictures! At the bottom you will see my outfit info!(-:

Outfit information:

  • Black ruffle blouse: white house black market 
  • Leopard pencil skirt: asos…btw it was only $19!!!!
  • Red polka dot espadrilles: payless( they were my moms…she bought them like 12 years ago! Hahaha)
  • Red wrap bracelet: I got in in Rome a few years ago!(:
  • Louis vuitton damier ebene speedy 30. : seriously look on tradesy, this bag can(if you look long enough) be found for like 400, & since it is dark brown treated leather making it look new, it will feel new to you even if its preloved!
  • ^ the louis vuitton strap connected to it I bought separately and you could also find it on Tradesy!!!(:
  • Red puffball key chain is from michael kors(: haha I stole it from my sister but hey, I needed something to match my shoes!!!!(:

I tried to keep this post short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed reading it while you are eating all your easter candy!(: my favorite easter candy are the chocolate Cadbury eggs!(: whats yours?!?💋 until next time.

Xxo rae(:

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