Senior pictures

Only 6 more days until I graduate! Yay!!!!

So just a little over a week about I took my senior pictures. Well we all know I am not your run of the mill teenage girl so when I was given the chance to take senior pictures I went for it, and I did my own take on it… I call it vintage vogue!(: the pink one is a little audrey hepburn, the gingham one is a like a preppy marilyn and the leopard of me bringing out my inner J.Lo.🙈

I got my photos done by the amazing Toni Riales. She specializes in portfolio shots for models/actors but does all sorts of stuff! Even made an exception to take my sweet senior pictures.😉 no but seriously shell do any kind of pictures, I am even thinking about getting some pictures done with my dog🙈💕. Hahaa

She is so wonderful, from the moment I met her I knew it was going to be a great day, she made me feel so relaxed and guided me through it all. Shell give you pointers and her mind is sprawling with ideas! ✨ if you want professional  pictures done you should totally check her out! 

S/o to my mom being there to help me, and just doing this for me, I really enjoyed having a day all about me(,: I love you mommy!

Anyways here are my pictures, the outfit information will be at the end of each look!

(Most are unedited so excuse my little bumps🍥🙈)

P.S. I created my graduation invite in this app called Canva that my good friend told me about, did I memtion that it is free?!? So after I designed them I went and got them printed locally. S/o to The Printing Zone in Gulf Shores, they gave me a discount because they knew my dad. Anyways minus the discount it came out to be about $65 for 65! Which is a great deal because I noticed that the websites like shutter fly etc charge a ridiculous amount so this was a good deal to me!!!!(-:  xxo

Leopard Dress: free people

Leather heels: free people

Earrings: Kate Spade

Dress: Kate Spade

Bracelet: J.crew

Pearls: a mix of J.crew, SALT, and ralph lauren

Gingham ball gown skirt: j.crew

Sequin top: victoria’s secret!

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