The Travel diary: Stockholm, Sweden (Days 1-3)

Stockholm encompasses over 70 sq miles of islands and hills, the pure Scandinavian architecture and well preserved cobblestone streets make this city look straight out of a fairytale.

I arrived just in time for the yearly Midsummer’s celebration! 🎊🍾

I spent 2 weeks in the land of vikings, beloved Ikea, wooden horses, salted licorice (disgusting) and last but never least my Sweet Swede Alex!

  • Day 1: first things first here is my outfit information: grey lounge set: free people // pink shoes: free people // On June 14th around 6pm her time and 12 pm my time (I didnt sleep on plane..HAHA BAD IDEA) her and her sweet father greeted me at the airport and took me back to her mothers humble abode right smack in the middle of this lively city. We had dinner because hello, did you think I was going to eat what the plane served me(sike I brought snacks, but still). They treated me to a lovely dinner, I unpacked and Alex and I talked until the wee hours of the night. Can you believe these pictures were taken around like 10 pm? As I said her home is very close to cuty center so we were able to see a few things after I arrived, like her school, and view thc city as it came to life that night🍾. I kid you not, the sun sets at 10 pm and the sun comes out around 4 am, trust me I would know #jetlag!!
  • Day 2: Good day!
  •  First things first: this is what I wore today:  earrings – SALT Coastal Outfitters // key necklace:  Tiffany & Co. // Heart charm necklace- Juciy Couture // top: SALT coastal Outfitters (insta: @salt.getsalty) // artist crop pants- Abercrombie & Fitch// Belt: Hermes or TRADESY!!!😻😏🤗😉 // shoes: KAANAS OR SALT coastal Outfitters  // Bag- Louis Vuitton pouhette: Louis Vuitton ooooor TRADESY!!! Seriously greatest site ever!!
  • We walked over 24,000 steps today! Like what?!? Thats 4 times more than my daily anount🏋🏽! 🙈 lets just say blisters are not fun! We devoted this day to viewing the swedish parliament, the royal Palace, and a little bit of Old Town. I did quite a bit of shopping for me and my family. I bought my sister a hardrock pin & my father a shirt, I got my mom a traditional dala horse, my sister some tacky little nik make and a few cheesy shirts. Ooh then I went by Swedens biggest vintage shop and bought a few groovy things. Today I encountered some of the most spectacular views of the city on our journey this day!!! We ended our day by going to an old friend of Alex’s, Emma, who was hosting a graduation party. Her house was stunning and just by seeing her home and alex’s I have learned all about Swedish design and decor. It is all veru minimal yet sooo chic, tons of art everywhere, plants EVERYWHERE. Light yet colorful walls. Wood kitchen countertops think Ikea!(; and a ton of memorabilia. I love the look! Oh yeah and at Emma’s party we ate amazing good and I discovered two dishes that I will NEVER forget. One is called Princess cake; it is a vanilla white cake with whipped cream and marzipan frosting… It was simply perfect. Before the dessert we had actual dinner which was this sandwich cake. Think 8″ round cake layers but bread. It has 1 part sour cream 1 part mayonnaise (imagine it taking the place of the frosting on a traditional cake) & : topped with cocktail shrimp, and freshly sliced veggies. Oooh my it was SOOOOOO GOOD! Her friends were all very kind and inviting to me!
  • Day 3: 
  • hello hello! So you may or may not have realized but from all of that Walking I have had several blisters decide to accompany me and make life super fun. Haha just kidding but seriously those blisters hurt so bad even after I popped them, I had to double up on socks!! How sad is that??! Lol.  My day wasn’t about blisters …actually today I had so much fun!!! The most fun I have ever had in a looooong time. Alex, her mom and I slept in and then had pancakes for brunch. We packed up a change of Clothes and headed for her family’s summer house about an hour outside of the city center. By the time we made it to the house I was in fairy wonderland.  My camera ended up dying because I was using it too much. We didn’t stay for too long though… after that we took Alex’s dad’s boat  amoungst the millions of islands swedens east side possess . We ended up getting ice cream and I took SOOOO MANY PICTURES!!! Xxo Finally we made it to our destination, and wow this was like a secret enchanted forest. All the little homes here  are so quaint and bright. This little island has all the essentials and even a little tiny club which I will tell you more about later. We had a dinner reservation at one of the restaurants but not for a while so we decided to explore the forest trails, Alex and I.  I even got some plants to press, alongside an over abundance of pine cones which I intend on putting in a glass vase when I return home.  We took an over abundance of pictures. By the way my outfit information includes: pink v-neck top: jcrew. // pearl and star necklace: Jcrew // high waisted artist crop jean: Abercrombie and fitch. // socks: jcrew// shoes: SALT coats tap outfitters . After our fun little forest adventure we went and at dinner, which was SOOOO NICE. I had my first Ox filet… AHHHHMAZING. After dinner we freshened up then went to the disco/ club/ party on the island and me me just say best night of my life. Did I mention that 99.9% of the guys here are BEAUTIFUL… plus their style embodies a men’s jcrew catalog it’s sooooo perfect…jumping with strangers and doing the Salsa with anyone who could… let alone being taught by one of them. Hahaaa we danced and talked until the wee hours of the night. I met so many groovy people last night. It’s a night I will never forget😊

Until next time,

Xxo Rae

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